KOKONO™ saw the light thanks to Giannino Bassetti Fundation, which in 2016 identifies in De-LAB the research center to which appointing the mandate of studying and designing a new item to be presented during “Triennale XXIesima”, section “New Craft”. The product development path, engaging De-LAB staff, students from the Milan Politechnique and architects, led to the initial prototype of KOKONO™, presented during the opening of the exhibition at the Design Museum of Milan.

In 2018 De-LAB, meanwhile registered as a Benefit Corporation, resumes the project and re-design it entirely in view of testing it on the field in Uganda, in July 2018.

The new process of product design leads to the definition of a complete different object, patented by De-LAB in Italy and abroad in order to secure some features specifically conceived to ensure social impacts in low-income communities.

In December 2018 De-LAB applies for the grant “Innovative Ideas for Development” by the Italian Development Cooperation (AICS) and in August of the same year is selected amongst the winners of the grant for the Start-up cluster.

On October 2019, KOKONO™ won the special prize at the Business Spirit Award in Dublin, organized by the organization Responsible Innovation Ireland and got enrolled in a training course in Business Development.