The Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (FSMEs) in Uganda has been the first African entity to believe in KOKONO™ project. We are happy to count on their experience and knowledge of the local context.

The engagement of the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (FSMEs) will ensure the production of KOKONO™ in Uganda and the creation of a network of local entrepreneurs supporting KOKONO™, with positive impacts in terms of employment and knowledge sharing on responsible entrepreneurship.

Amref Health Africa was the first NGO to foresee the importance and the innovativeness of a partnership with a responsible business actor like De-LAB Benefit Corporation. We are happy to enforce an Inclusive Business partnership with them!

The partnership with Amref Health Africa will help KOKONO™ reaching the beneficiaries, namely mums and babies between 0 to 12 months in rural villages or suburbs. Also, it will help monitoring the impacts of KOKONO™ on the medium and long run, while strengthening the promotion of the project and its inclusive business model.