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Christmas is only a few months away and you need to think about corporate gifts for employees, customers and suppliers. This year buy a Kokono and donate it to a Ugandan family: you will help the local firms that manufactures the crib, the babies who will be protected from malaria and other risks to their fragile health, and – finally – the mothers, who will be able to work at home or outside while leaving their baby safely in the Kokono cradle.

Buy a crib at 36.60 euros

No shipping costs: Kokono cribs are already on site and we will deliver them directly to those who need them most, sending back to you the pics of the delivery (that you can use as a CSR material)

Write us NOW so we can better arrange your “very good&fair choice!”.



If you believe in the potential of KOKONO™ project and consider it in line with the vision and business of your company or organization, it means that you see in KOKONO™ an investment, an innovative project with social impact.Get in touch with the De-LAB team to find out how you can sustain the project by becoming our partner: between development cooperation and strategic philanthropy, through crowdfunding or teambuilding, we will know how to give you back all the value your organization deserves.

Send an email here: info@delab.it.
We look forward to hearing from you!

The Social Return on Investment (SROI) of a Kokono crib
is 2.88 $ every 1 $ invested!

Ingolstadt School of Management



If you want to promote our project and spread the word about KOKONO™, you may help us volunteering, suggesting Awards to which KOKONO™ may apply, write a piece on us so to share infos about our job, organize an event or make a video on our operations between Uganda and Italy….let us know from where you want to start!

We suggest you to keep yourself updated by following our social media channels bellow… then drop us your idea by email: kokono@delab.it.