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If you believe in KOKONO™ and you see it aligned with your company’s vision and mission, that means that you consider KOKONO™ as a social impact investment. We know how to create a connection between our businesses, tailoring specific initiatives that go beyond philanthropy.
Get in touch with De-LAB team to discover how to make KOKONO™ grow stronger becoming our partner.

Send us an email here: kokono@delab.it.
Can’t wait to listen to you!



If you want to promote our project and spread the word about KOKONO™, you may help us volunteering, suggesting Awards to which KOKONO™ may apply, write a piece on us so to share infos about our job, organize an event or make a video on our operations between Uganda and Italy….let us know from where you want to start!

We suggest you to keep yourself updated by following our social media channels bellow… then drop us your idea by email: kokono@delab.it.



If you want to help us by supporting KOKONO™ diffusion in Uganda, its training modules and the impact assessment process, the first thing we want to tell you is THANKS. We will to our best to respond to your expectations. In practice, find below how to donate.

If you are a person, you can either donate:

  • 30€, corresponding to 1 KOKONO™;
  • 80€, corresponding to 1 KOKONO™ and 1 training module;
  • 130€ corresponding to 1 KOKONO™, 1 training module, 1 impact assessment process.
  • free offer

For these charity donations, our partner is Amref Health Africa, which will share with De-LAB the creation of EDU-KO™, the monitoring and impact assessment process (KO-IMPACT™), while supporting KOKONO™’s communication.


If you are a company and you want to support KOKONO™ with a donation, you can do it via bank transfer following the details below.

Bank: Banca Etica, Via Parigi 17, 00185 Roma
Intestazione: c/c: Amref High Value Donors
IBAN: IT20Z0501803200000016726093
Payment description: Progetto culla KOKONO